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Cancer: Prevention and Support: Part I

Cancer affects thousands of people every year. Though modern medicine has yet to determine the causes of cancer and why certain people develop cancer while others don't, Chinese medicine can shed some insight into this. Here are the facts: 1) Everyone has cancer cells in their body at all times. 2) Evidence shows that majority of the people that develop cancer due so because their body is weak and as a result, the cancer cells take over. Knowing these things alone should guide us into a healthier lifestyle. People who get enough rest, eat whole food diets, have a loving and healthy relationship and have positive and creative thoughts are less likely to develop cancer. Contributing factors to cancer include: 1) Immune deficiencies. This is due to poor diet, stress and overwork. 2) Toxicity and radiation: Related to food, pesticides, chemicals in food, air & water, smoking, cell phones, EMF, asbestos, xrays, etc. 3) and chronic inflammation. How can we prevent cancer? 1)

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